From values to quality.

Nowhere is it more important to be able to count on good quality than in the sporting area. For the use of the products is very high. Weathering influences, mechanical loads and many other aspects push a turf right to its limits. And yet it seems to be the hardest area in which to ensure quality. Glossy brochures with the most adventurous of promises blind and make a proper evaluation difficult. But the principle is simple. Quality means: performance over time. It is not limited to when it is new

As in all aspects of life, quality does not come for free. But it is precisely in the sporting area that acquiring a quality product is important. "If you buy cheap, you buy double" – there is much truth in this phrase! Don't let yourself be deceived and demand quality.

Of course, the TISCA TIARA quality standard also includes independent, international standards and certifications: TISCA TIARA does not just work according to ISO 9100, but is also certified by EN AS 9100 and corresponds to the quality management system for aerospace.