SPORTISCA Added Value principle

As a sports division of TISCA TIARA, SPORTISCA produces textiles for various applications in the sports area. The trick is, at least in part, to include the requirements of a variety of groups in the construction of the sports facility under one roof. We know the many requirements of our customer base and are in a position to satisfy these expertly and from a single source.

We call the benefits to our customers SPORTISCA Added Value. It is made up of numerous levels:

Added quality

Quality means: top-class raw materials and best processing.

Added service

Advice, quick response times, comprehensive sample service, punctual deliveries. Object-specific requirements are quickly implemented. We are happy to optimise the range of goods for you and integrate continuous lines.

Added expertise

With the combination of highly specialised expert areas, TISCA TIARA is in a position to satisfy the most varied of customer requirements from a single source.

Added investment protection

Products by TISCA TIARA ensure satisfied customers even after years of heavy use.

Added individuality

SPORTISCA products are produced according to object-specific requirements and conditions. This allows customer requirements to be met to the maximum. The number of joints is minimised and cutting is avoided.

Added sustainability

Looking after the environment goes without saying for TISCA TIARA. Our corporate policy dictates that we take a great deal of ecological responsibility on every level. The T-Care concept shows the cornerstone of the activities of TISCA TIARA for protecting the environment.