Because live isn't always cheap.

Get the benefits without investing

Are you looking for alternative types of financing? True to the motto «Don't wait. Play!», SPORTISCA is working toward their goal of providing athletes with the best surface to play on. Enjoying your passion, training and entering sporting events – this should always be possible: at any time and regardless of your financial situation.

Turf in instalments

SPORTISCA's T-Lease programme gives you the option of leasing an athletic turf instead of buying one. This option preserves your liquidity and is now available as part of the unique quality that you get with SPORTISCA's products.

Advantages for you

You benefit from an individual price plan which is based on your credit standing and the value of the product you want to lease. This transparency ensures that you will not be running any risks with your leasing rate.

You pay with profits. This means that you no longer have to finance your investment with saved resources, but can finance it with the profits you accrue on an ongoing basis and/or the cost savings you receive.

You preserve your liquidity by having the profits from past years still available to you to put toward other investments.

You budget with fixed costs, which is an advantage, because the leasing rates, which are based on interest and amortisation, remain unchanged during the entire length of the contract . Fixed costs make budgeting simpler.