Animals love turf.

TIARA Animal Turf™ is an artificial turf especially designed for animals and is adjusted to the needs of animals. The well-being of animals is very much the focus here. The key feature is the unsurpassed drainage performance. The water permeability of 40 litres per m² per minute ensures that urine flows away quickly and that the turf can be high-pressure cleaned, if required, without any problems. The fibres based on HCSS technology allow a floor structure that can be cleaned right to its base, therefore taking hygiene very seriously. Furthermore, this fibre is very skin-friendly, which is also very important for animals.

In terms of quality, the nub strength is ultimately of central importance. It ensures that the individual fibres cannot be torn out. The backing, made up of multi-layered threads with reinforced fabric, form the basis. And also ensure dimensional stability. TIARA ANIMAL Turf can be used both in indoors and outdoors. We know from experience: animals love this turf.